In the world of tax, things move quickly. Keeping on top of legislative changes, new case law and policy developments is hard, especially if this information also needs to be communicated to third parties in a foreign language. Drafting English newsletters, updates, and memos can take up a considerable amount of time and money.

Gunn Tax Communication provides a copy-editing and ghostwriting service for tax professionals and tax firms. Taking into account your company’s client demographics, corporate tone, and message, we can help draft communication in English. We can also convert a Dutch text intended for a Dutch readership into an English text geared towards an international audience.

Please note, we do not provide ghostwriting services to students or in cases where this would not be appropriate from the perspective of academic integrity.

How we can help
  • Drafting of newsletters and informative texts regarding fiscal current affairs (‘ghostwriting’) specifically for your clients
  • Translation and client-focussed copy-editing of your newsletter, brochures and proposals
  • Copy-editing or translation of your standard presentation, documentation and generic literature